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Twin City Doodles guarantees that the puppy is healthy at the time of the sale and DVM concurs. Prior to purchase, the puppy went to the vet for a complete physical and DHPP vaccine, and copies of the shot records and any medical findings will be given to the buyer as part of the sale.  However, to validate the health guarantee, buyer must take their new puppy to their veterinarian within 3 business days of purchase.


If a vet finds the puppy to be in unacceptable health condition, the buyer must notify Twin City Doodles within 5 days of receiving the puppy.  The vet must make a statement on letterhead that the puppy is unhealthy, not suitable for purchase and confirm the puppy's micro-chip number.  Twin City Doodles reserves the right to request a second opinion at the expense of Twin City Doodles from a vet of their choice.  If the second opinion concurs with the first veterinarian, Twin City Puppies will retake ownership of the defective/unhealthy puppy and refund the buyer in full, excluding the costs of transportation and any vet bills incurred by the buyer.


General Health Guarantee:

Twin City Doodles provides a 2-year guarantee explicitly for the following conditions: 

• Cancer

• Hip Displysia

• Genetic Eye Conditions

• Epilepsy


If the puppy is diagnosed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals as being hip dysplastic before age 2 years old, the buyer must submit a copy of the OFA report to Twin City Doodles.  Hip/elbow displaysia can be caused by environment, such as obesity and over-exercising a young dog; therefore, the buyer agrees to maintain a healthy weight dog and provide appropriate exercise for puppy’s age.  


This health guarantee is contingent upon feeding high quality food and vaccinating/deworming according to the proper protocol established by a licensed vet (not purchased online or at a farm store).  Please keep receipts to verify conditions were met. 


Long-Term Health Guarantee:

Twin City Doodles' puppies come with a guarantee that covers his/her hips and eyes until 24 months of age.  If your puppy is diagnosed as having any of the following genetic diseases:

• ​Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa

• Aliases: Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, DEB, EB, RDEB

• GM2 Gangliosidosis (Poodle Type)

• Aliases: Sandhoff disease, Type 0 gangliosidosis

• Muscular Dystrophy (Golden Retriever Type)

• Aliases: Duchenne-type muscular dystrophy, Dystrophin muscular dystrophy, DMD, GRMD

• Osteochondrodysplasia

• Aliases: Skeletal dwarfism, OCD

• Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Golden Retriever Type)

• Aliases: Brittle bone disease, OI

• Sensory Ataxic Neuropathy

• Aliases: SAN

• Degenerative Myelopathy

• Aliases: Canine degenerative myelopathy, DM

• Ichthyosis (Golden Retriever Type)

• Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures

• Aliases: NEWS

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 1

• Aliases: GR-PRA1, GR1-PRA

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Golden Retriever 2

• Aliases: GR-PRA2, GR2-PRA

• Progressive Retinal Atrophy, Progressive Rod-Cone Degeneration

• Aliases: PRA-PRCD, PRCD

• Von Willebrand Disease I

• Aliases: Pseudohemophilia, Vascular hemophilia, VonWillebrand Disease


The buyer will be given a full refund and the opportunity to return your pup.  If ever diagnosed with a genetic disease and you choose to keep your pup, Twin City Doodles will reimburse up to the purchase price for treatment. These tests are all relative to the Golden Retriever and the Poodle.  Our lines have been tested and cleared guaranteed! Any additional treatment will be the owners responsibility financially.


If the puppy should contract any of the above genetic conditions, the vet must make a statement on letterhead that the puppy has a genetic condition and Twin City Doodles will retake ownership of the defective/unhealthy puppy and refund the buyer in full, excluding the costs of transportation and any vet bills.


Growth hormones contribute to bone density.  Buyer agrees to leave the puppy sexually intact until age 12 months of age, for the hip guarantee to apply.  There are exclusions to this condition for specific circumstances, such as for diabetic alert dogs.  Please inquire if you need early spay/neuter for a specific reason.


ALL puppies are born with parasites, and the stress of going to a new home can reactive dormant parasites/infections/viruses.  Our puppies receive Pyrantal deworming medicine at ages 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age, to prevent pin worms, round worms and hook worms. In addition, our puppies receive Marquis for two consecutive days at age five weeks to prevent Coccidiosis and receive three days of Panacur (aka Safeguard) at age 8 weeks to prevent whip worms and giardia.  However, puppies can still have parasites that resisted treatment. Buyer’s vet should provide a routine deworming and/or fecal test and treat according to findings. 


Twin City Doodles does NOT make any real or implied guarantee against common puppy parasites, as listed above.  No matter how clean and well-kept, because they have immature immune systems, puppies also commonly contract ear infections, vaginitis, urinary tract infections, impetigo and other bacterial/viral infections.  Twin City Doodles will not reimburse buyer for any vet bills.


Providing puppy medical care is a large part of pet ownership. Twin City Doodles suggests purchasing medical insurance for the puppy, which is available for a very low cost (and provides high value) if there’s ever a medical emergency.  


Sequoyah Animal Hospital has examined the puppies and administered only one (out of the series of four) core DHPP vaccinations, which is appropriate for the puppy’s age. Puppies can contract Parvovirus or distemper (which are deadly) in public places and should not be taken to dog parks etc., until the entire series has been administered. 


Playing with dogs that the are personally KNOWN to be vaccinated is absolutely okay and great for socialization.  So while dog parks are not recommended until your puppy has received the entire series of vaccinations, ideally your puppy should meet as many people and dogs as possible when home.  


Not vaccinating is problematic, but over-vaccinating young puppies too early can result in autoimmune diseases (such as Puppy Strangles) and no additional vaccinations should be administered until three weeks after the first DHPP vaccination. 


Optional vaccines, such as Lyme, Lepto, Canine Flu (and others) should be postponed if possible, and individual risk factors should be assessed before administering these extra and optional vaccinations.

Twin City Doodles does recommend Bordetella vaccine prior to grooming or training.


Buyer understands that the purchase price is nonrefundable. No dog is 100 percent hypoallergenic and Twin City Doodles does not imply that all allergy sufferers can tolerate a Goldendoodle.  


Twin City Doodles does not guarantee that a puppy will grow to a specific size as many factors determine adult size, including food and exercise. 


Puppies will be microchipped at eight weeks of age.  Buyer will be provided the chip barcode and number at time of transferring of puppy.  


If a Twin City Doodles dog ever needs to be rehomed, for any reason, buyer agrees to return the dog to Twin City Doodles to assess and re-home as needed.  All puppies require training; therefore, buyer agrees to teach the puppy house manners and basic dog obedience.


This guarantee only applies to the original purchaser of the pup.  The guarantee is void if the condition was caused by injuries acquired through training, play, or other activities or, if the puppy has been neglected, malnourished, or allowed to become obese.


To qualify for a refund, your puppy’s X-rays must be confirmed by a licensed veterinarian and those X-rays also must be sent to Sequoyah Animal Hospital for evaluation and confirmation of genetic disorder from our vet as well.


In the event of a legal dispute, Twin City Doodles/Susie Woodward reserves the right to have all disputes or court proceedings to be held in Hamilton County, Tennessee.  Buyer and seller agree that no disputes or legal matters will be posted via social media or the internet.

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