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Our  Dams
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Our one and only breeding female is our Red F1bb Standard Goldendoodle, Millie.  She stands at 23" at wither and weighs 56lbs.  She is our family pet and keeps us laughing on a daily basis.  We have recently decided to retire Millie.  She will be turning 6 years old in the Spring and we feel that it's time.  She is our sweet heart and we just want the best for her.

We will be adding Millie's daughter, Lola, from her last litter as a breeding female and Shiloh a female that we 

co-own with Bear Lake Bearded Retrievers based in Garden City Utah.  It will probably be sometime around 2024 when they will be ready for breeding.


We will be adding Lola and Shiloh on this page once we have completed all of their health testing.

Please click on the button below to see Millie’s health testing and DNA results, certifications, more pictures and a video of Millie playing fetch.  

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