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There are no available puppies at this time.  Our plan is to breed Millie in the Summer of  2021.  Gestation is 63 days and puppies would go home 8-9 weeks later.
We are not accepting applications at this time.
If by chance we have more puppies than applicants from the planned Summer 2021 breeding, then we will accept new applications.
We strive to have great communications and  keeping our buyers informed with each prospective litter and you will be updated whenever there is a change.  
Please keep in mind, we cannot guarantee each breeding will be successful.  If a breeding is not successful, the buyer will automatically be placed on the next litter in the order of when we received the application fee.  If the buyer chooses not to be placed on the next litter, the application fee is non-refundable, however, we will be happy put the application fee toward another future litter.
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